The planet’s water resources are precious and need to be protected and properly managed for future generations. Through sound engineering practices, safe drinking water can flow from our taps and lakes, rivers, and streams can be free of pollution.

Our engineers are highly skilled in water source development, transmission and distribution, treatment and storage. The Principe Company is also experienced in the design of wastewater collection and pumping systems, on-site treatment systems, inflow/infiltration analysis, and infrastructure rehabilitation. The firm has worked closely with federal, state, and funding agencies to foster successful projects. We believe that by building a partnership with a community and taking a team approach, we can develop a cost-effective solution to meet your water and wastewater needs and protect our natural resources.

We are a small multi-disciplinary Civil Engineering firm specializing in the areas of Land & Site Development, Water/Wastewater & Structural Engineering. Our team is comprised of reliable, responsive, and flexible engineers. This experience, coupled with expansive engineering knowledge, allows our team to design economically and practically. Our engineers are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and constantly seeking the same goals as our clients. We use the latest design methods in order to maximize a sites potential and maneuver through any obstacles, whether it be site constraints or site regulations.

Principe Engineering’s water utility engineering services include: feasibility studies, source development, district formation, facilities planning/design, vulnerability assessments, funding assistance, operation & maintenance, asset inventory, GIS utility records, facility start-up, system mapping, hydraulic modeling, instrumentation/controls, process evaluation, permitting, regulatory compliance and construction phase services.


  • DEM Class III OWTS Licensed Designer D-3015
  • DEM Class IV Soil Evaluator License # D-4075
  • MA Title V Soil Evaluator License #SE-2972